Our Establishment

United Prime Educational Publishing (HK) Limited was established in 2022. Riding on the strength of our parent company, Sino United Publishing’s over 100 years of experience in the industry, we took over the majority of Pearson Longman’s local publishing portfolio that they had successfully developed in the 60 plus years prior, with our sights set on bringing the business to the next level.

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Learn. Innovate.

We believe in innovating to learn and learning to innovate. We draw on the wealth of experience, knowledge and resources that we have accumulated over the years and combine it with our core value of continuing learning and innovation. We always endeavour to keep up with the times. We listen with our heart to learners and educators of our generation and with the insights we have into the new ways of learning, we have developed innovative products and services to meet their needs. Examples of our market-leading titles cover the subjects of Music and Computer in primary school and those of Secondary Mathematics, Putonghua, Economics and BAFS in secondary school.

Apart from the printed versions of our products, we have been actively developing a vast array of digital solutions supported by multimedia resources embedded with state-of-the-art edTech. Examples of our highly popular digital offerings include Little Composer — a music composing App for Longman Music and Diagnostic Assessment — a diagnostic and evaluation tool for the Mathematics in Action Series.

The new normal calls for new ways of teaching and learning. We know it is important for us to stay nimble and stay current. We reinvented the traditional and turned it into multidimensional while also keeping it easily adaptable and creative. In recent years, our product offerings have extended beyond the traditional printed coursebooks and supplementary exercises to include eTextbooks embedded with interactive elements and exercises that come with personalised performance analysis and targeted follow-up practice that make them ideal for self-directed learning. Our portfolio also includes a comprehensive range of educational services and exam-focused solutions such as exam-style practice and other exam strategy resources, pre-DSE exam simulation, and success case-sharing webinars.

Our vision and mission here is to create a platform that promotes innovative learning and continuing learning to innovate.

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Continuing learning

The word “United” (聯合) signifies collaboration and working towards a common goal. “Prime” (培進) means to nurture and prepare someone for growth and advancement through continuing learning. Together, the name United Prime speaks of the spirit behind the company and the mission and vision for the products and services we offer.

Visually, the logo captures the spirit of collaborative learning. Resembling a QR-code, the logo is made up of a group of entities, interconnected for innovative learning. The entities represent people learning together, learning from one another, supporting and inspiring one another in their learning journeys. They move like a spinning motor and much like a motor that coverts mechanical energy into continuous flow of power, United Prime rides on innovation and technology to provide ongoing educational solutions to meet the needs of teachers and learners and to prime our learners for success in school and beyond.


United Prime Educational Publishing (HK) Limited uses the registered trademarks of “Pearson” and “培生” herein with the permission of the trademark owner, Pearson Plc..

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